Grafika przedstawiająca funkcjonowanie chmury obliczeniowej w systemie Chmury Krajowej

Today, Chmura Krajowa is the most specialised provider of cloud computing solutions on the Polish market. Our goal is to accelerate the digital transformation of Polish businesses and public institutions. Digitisation increases the pace of development, reduces the operational costs and  ensures tools for businesses for their agile introductions of innovations, at the same time adapting its products and services to market expectations that change rapidly. For an organisation to work like this, it needs a well-prepared and effective digital transformation. Cloud computing is an essential part of this process, as more and more modern technologies are developing exclusively in the cloud environment. It is the cloud that establishes a close link between expenditure and actual use of resources. It guarantees scalability, increases the reliability and the security of the IT environment. It supports the use of agile methodologies and enables the automation of repetitive processes. The cloud native approach in which agile applications and systems are being developed in the cloud from scratch, accelerates the implementation of new projects and the process of continuous improvement of solutions that have been already implemented.



We operate in the multicloud model offering both services provided from our own Chmura Krajowa platform as well as the solutions delivered by global public cloud providers. This combination gives customers the freedom to choose between the available options to adopt cloud solutions. We help to optimise your IT processes and costs by shortening the time needed to deliver projects and by increasing efficiency. In this model, the use of cloud computing makes it possible to transform as well as is an opportunity to create the new value of each organisation.



We support businesses and institutions in implementation of their digital strategies by jointly designing their individual road to the cloud. We provide migration services as well as IT architecture transformation. We advise on the selection of solutions for advanced data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning that is optimal for a given sector and  development stage. An important role in this process is played by the development of cloud competencies at organisations that undergo transformation, supported by the knowledge and experience of our Cloud Native, Data/AI and Infrastructure experts as well as workshops, training courses and certification.



We are a trusted partner. Advanced security is the basis for our activities in the sphere of digital protection tools, operating procedures and physical security at data centres. This is the approach we apply throughout the whole chain of supply of cloud solutions in close cooperation with our global and domestic partners. Our safety mechanisms are based on recognised norms and the highest standards: ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, ISO 27018. Their application strengthens our corporate culture and helps build a portfolio of safe products and services.



We operate under Polish law and ensure full regulatory compliance. This is particularly important for entities that are subject to specific legal conditions, including data location. By concluding agreements on strategic partnerships with global public cloud providers, we make sure that their data centres are established in Poland. The regions of our partners, Google and Microsoft, located in Warsaw, will provide services for clients from Poland and other CEE countries.

Our team

Chmura Krajowa is a team of over 100 top-class experts - these are engineers and IT architects with extensive experience in developing solutions in the cloud environment, as well as specialists in digital transformation and cyber security.

We work in interdisciplinary project teams focused on jointly defined goals. In our structure we have the Practice Teams built around the Cloud Native, Data/AI and Infrastructure. Together, they form a framework that encompasses various areas of activity and is the backbone of projects carried out within the organisation and directly with clients.

We value openness, constructive communication, culture of knowledge sharing and experience exchange as well as the urge to continuously develop individual competencies. Their synergy creates an added value and leverages the strength of our organisation. Chmura Krajowa combines the latest technologies and individuals who can use them. Together, we effectively help businesses and public institutions in the digital transition process.

Our history

It was the joint initiative of PKO Bank Polski and Polish Development Fund to establish Chmura Krajowa. The intention of our founders and current shareholders was to set up a technological platform to stimulate the development of innovations of Polish businesses as well as to optimise the processes related to shaping modern public administration. The company was established in 2018.

Our authorities

Management Board and Supervisory Board

The Management Board

Michał Potoczek President of the Board Marcin Dzienniak Member of the Board Paweł Ławecki Member of the Board Krystian Najbert Member of the Board

Supervisory Board

Bartłomiej Pawlak President of the Supervisory Board Artur Cieślar Member of the Supervisory Board Anna Sadowska Member of the Supervisory Board Ilona Wołyniec Member of the Supervisory Board

Chmura Krajowej Partners

We work with leading suppliers of IT technologies and services. Thanks to a wide range of partners, comprehensive services based on the best solutions for a given sector.
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